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A Song of Ice And Fire chapters
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Aeron Greyjoy
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Areo Hotah
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Arianne Martell
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Arya Stark
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Arys Oakheart
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Asha Greyjoy
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Barristan Selmy
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Bran Stark
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Brienne of Tarth
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Catelyn Tully
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Cersei Lannister
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Daenerys Targaryen
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Davos Seaworth
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Eddard Stark
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Jaime Lannister
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Jon Connington
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Jon Snow
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Melisandre
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Quentyn Martell
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Samwell Tarly
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Sansa Stark
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Theon Greyjoy
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Tyrion Lannister
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV Victarion Greyjoy
A Song of Ice And Fire chapters--POV miscellaneous
Admins Category:管理员
Alchemists' Guild Category:炼金术士公会
Ancient or missing ships
Animals Category:动物
Animals listing Category:动物列表
Appendices Category:附录
Astapor Category:阿斯塔波
Astronomy Category:天文
Bastards Category:私生子
Battles Category:战役
Beyond the Wall Category:塞外
Books Category:书籍
Books and Scrolls Category:书籍和卷轴
Braavos Category:布拉佛斯
Bravoosi ships Category:布拉佛斯的船只
Builders of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人工匠
Buildings Category:建筑
Captain of the guards Category:侍卫队长
Captured ships Category:被捕获的船只
Carracks Category:大帆船
Castellans Category:城主
Castles Category:城堡
Castles of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人城堡
Characters Category:人物
Characters from Asshai Category:亚夏人物
Characters from Astapor Category:阿斯塔波人物
Characters from Beyond the Wall Category:塞外人物
Characters from Braavos Category:布拉佛斯人物
Characters from Dorne Category:多恩人物
Characters from Ghis Category:吉斯人物
Characters from Ibben Category:伊班人物
Characters from Lhazar Category:拉扎尔人物
Characters from Lorath Category:罗拉斯人物
Characters from Lys Category:里斯人物
Characters from Meereen Category:弥林人物
Characters from Myr Category:密尔人物
Characters from Naath Category:纳斯人物
Characters from Norvos Category:诺佛斯人物
Characters from Pentos Category:潘托斯人物
Characters from Qarth Category:魁尔斯人物
Characters from Qohor Category:科霍尔人物
Characters from Tyrosh Category:泰洛西人物
Characters from Valyria Category:瓦雷利亚人物
Characters from Volantis Category:瓦兰提斯人物
Characters from Westeros Category:维斯特洛人物
Characters from Yunkai Category:渊凯人物
Characters from the Crownlands Category:王领人物
Characters from the Dothraki Sea Category:多斯拉克人物
Characters from the Free Cities Category:自由贸易城邦人物
Characters from the Iron Islands Category:铁群岛人物
Characters from the North Category:北境人物
Characters from the Reach Category:河湾地人物
Characters from the Riverlands Category:河间地人物
Characters from the Stormlands Category:风暴地人物
Characters from the Summer Islands Category:盛夏群岛人物
Characters from the TV show only Category:电视剧原创人物
Characters from the Vale Category:谷地人物
Characters from the Westerlands Category:西境人物
Characters from the eastern continent Category:东大陆人物
Children of the Forest Category:森林之子
Cities Category:城市
City Watch (King's Landing) Category:都城守备队
Cogs Category:平底船
Constellations Category:星座
Content Category:内容
Continents Category:大陆
Courtiers and followers of Daenerys Category:丹妮莉丝的追随者
Creatures Category:生物
Crownlands Category:王领
Culture Category:文化
Cultures Category:文化
Destroyed ships Category:毁坏的船只
Direwolves Category:冰原狼
Disambiguation pages Category:消歧义页
Diseases Category:疾病
Dorne Category:多恩
Dothraki culture Category:多斯拉克文化
Dragons Category:龙
Dunk and Egg chapters Category:邓克和伊戈人物
Essos Category:厄索斯
Eunuchs Category:太监
Events Category:事件
Extinct houses Category:消亡家族
Family trees Category:家族树
Food Category:食物
Free Cities Category:自由贸易城邦
Game of Thrones (TV series) Category:权力的游戏(电视剧)
Games Category:游戏
Geography Category:地理
Giants Category:巨人
Golden Company Category:黄金团
Great Bastards Category:高贵的私生子
Greensight Category:绿之视野
Hand of the King Category:国王之手
Help Category:帮助
Hidden categories Category:隐藏分类
History Category:历史
Horses Category:马
House Allyrion
House Ambrose
House Arryn
House Baelish
House Banefort
House Bar Emmon
House Baratheon Category:拜拉席恩家族
House Beesbury
House Belmore
House Blackbar
House Blackfyre Category:黑火家族
House Blackmont
House Blacktyde
House Blackwood Category:布莱伍德家族
House Blanetree
House Blount
House Bolling
House Bolton Category:波顿家族
House Borrell
House Botley
House Bracken
House Brax
House Brune of Brownhollow
House Brune of the Dyre Den
House Buckler
House Buckwell
House Bulwer
House Bushy
House Bywater
House Caron
House Cassel Category:凯索家族
House Caswell
House Celtigar
House Cerwyn
House Charlton
House Chester
House Clegane Category:克里冈家族
House Clifton
House Codd
House Coldwater
House Cole
House Connington
House Corbray
House Costayne
House Crabb
House Crakehall
House Crane
House Cuy
House Dalt
House Darklyn
House Darry
House Dayne Category:戴恩家族
House Dayne of High Hermitage
House Dondarrion
House Drinkwater
House Drumm
House Dunn
House Durrendon
House Dustin
House Erenford
House Errol
House Estermont
House Farman
House Farring
House Farwynd
House Farwynd of the Lonely Light
House Fell
House Flint of Flint's Finger
House Flint of Widow's Watch
House Flint of the mountains
House Florent
House Follard
House Fossoway of Cider Hall
House Fossoway of New Barrel
House Fowler
House Frey Category:佛雷家族
House Gardener
House Gargalen
House Gaunt
House Glover
House Goodbrook
House Goodbrother
House Grafton
House Grandison
House Greenfield
House Grell
House Greyiron
House Greyjoy Category:葛雷乔伊家族
House Grimm
House Haigh
House Hardyng
House Harlaw
House Hasty
House Hawick
House Hayford
House Hewett
House Hightower Category:海塔尔家族
House Hoare
House Hollard
House Hornwood
House Horpe
House Humble
House Hunter
House Jast
House Jordayne
House Karstark
House Kettleblack
House Lannister Category:兰尼斯特家族
House Lannister of Lannisport
House Lefford
House Liddle
House Locke
House Longthorpe
House Lonmouth
House Lorch
House Lothston
House Lydden
House Lynderly
House Mallister
House Manderly
House Manwoody
House Marbrand
House Marsh
House Martell Category:马泰尔家族
House Massey
House Meadows
House Merlyn
House Merryweather
House Mertyns
House Moore
House Mooton
House Mormont
House Morrigen
House Mudd
House Mullendore
House Myre
House Norcross
House Norrey
House Norridge
House Oakheart
House Oldflowers
House Osgrey
House Paege
House Payne
House Peake
House Peasebury
House Penrose
House Piper
House Plumm
House Poole
House Prester
House Qorgyle
House Rambton
House Redfort
House Redwyne
House Reed Category:黎德家族
House Reyne Category:雷耶斯家族
House Rhysling
House Roote
House Rosby
House Rowan
House Royce
House Royce of the Gates of the Moon
House Ryger
House Rykker
House Ryswell
House Saltcliffe
House Santagar
House Seaworth Category:席渥斯家族
House Selmy
House Serry
House Sharp
House Shett
House Slynt
House Smallwood
House Spicer
House Stackspear
House Staedmon
House Stark Category:史塔克家族
House Stokeworth
House Stout
House Strickland
House Strong
House Sunderland
House Sunglass
House Swann
House Swyft
House Tallhart
House Tarbeck
House Targaryen Category:坦格利安家族
House Tarly
House Tarth Category:塔斯家族
House Templeton
House Thenn
House Thorne
House Toland
House Tollett
House Torrent
House Toyne
House Tully
House Tyrell Category:提利尔家族
House Uller
House Umber
House Vaith
House Vance
House Vance of Atranta
House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest
House Varner
House Velaryon
House Vikary
House Vypren
House Vyrwel
House Waxley
House Wayn
House Waynwood
House Webber
House Wells (Dorne)
House Wells (the North)
House Westerling Category:维斯特林家族
House Whent
House Willum
House Woolfield
House Wull
House Wylde
House Wynch
House Wythers
House Yronwood
House of Loraq
Houses Category:家族
Houses by region
Houses by region templates
Houses by status
Houses from Dorne Category:多恩家族
Houses from Meereen
Houses from the Crownlands Category:王领家族
Houses from the Iron Islands Category:铁群岛家族
Houses from the North Category:北境家族
Houses from the Reach Category:河湾地人物
Houses from the Riverlands Category:河间地家族
Houses from the Stormlands Category:风暴地家族
Houses from the Vale Category:谷地家族
Houses from the Westerlands Category:西境家族
Houses with COA Category:有家徽的家族
Houses without COA Category:无家徽的家族
Hunting Hounds Category:猎犬
Ibbenese Places
Innkeepers Category:旅店
Innkeepers Category:旅店老板
Iron Islands Category:铁群岛
Ironborn culture Category:铁种文化
Ironborn longships Category:铁民长船
Ironborn ships
Islands Category:岛屿
Jesters Category:弄臣
King's Landing ships Category:君临船只
Kinslayers Category:被控或疑似弑亲
Knightly houses Category:骑士家族
Knights Category:骑士
Languages Category:语言
Lannister ships Category:兰尼斯特战舰
Legendary Heroes Category:传奇英雄
Lorath Category:罗拉斯
Lord Commanders of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人总司令
Lys Category:里斯
Lyseni ships Category:里斯船只
Maesters Category:学士
Map Images Category:地图图像
Maps Category:地图
Meereen Category:弥林
Members of the Brave Companions Category:勇士团成员
Members of the Brotherhood Without Banners Category:无旗兄弟会成员
Members of the City Watch (King's Landing) Category:都城守备队成员
Members of the Faceless Men Category:无面者成员
Members of the Faith Category:教会成员
Members of the King's Men Category:御前会议成员
Members of the Kingsguard Category:御林铁卫成员
Members of the Kingswood Brotherhood Category:御林兄弟会成员
Members of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人成员
Members of the Queen's Men Category:后党成员
Members of the Rainbow Guard
Members of the Small council
Members of the Stormcrows
Mercenaries Category:雇佣兵
Merchant ships Category:商船
Missing map
Monarchs Category:君王
Myrish ships
Mystery knights
Night's Watch Category:守夜人
Night's Watch ships
Noble houses Category:贵族家族
Nobles Category:贵族
Noblewomen Category:贵族女性
Norvos Category:诺佛斯
Object Images
Occupations Category:职位
Old Templates
Organizations Category:组织
Outlaws Category:不法之徒
POV characters Category:POV人物
Pentos Category:潘托斯
Pentoshi ships Category:潘托斯船只
Pirate Ships Category:海盗船
Pirates Category:海盗
Places across the narrow sea
Places beyond the Wall Category:塞外地点
Places in Braavos Category:布拉佛斯地点
Places in Dorne Category:多恩地点
Places in Essos
Places in Meereen
Places in Pentos
Places in Qarth
Places in Tyrosh
Places in Volantis
Places in Westeros Category:维斯特洛地点
Places in the Crownlands Category:王领地点
Places in the Iron Islands Category:铁群岛地点
Places in the North Category:北境地点
Places in the Reach Category:河湾地地点
Places in the Riverlands Category:河间地地点
Places in the Stormlands Category:风暴地地点
Places in the Summer Isles
Places in the Summer Sea
Places in the Vale Category:谷地地点
Places in the Westerlands Category:西境地点
Places in the narrow sea
Places on Slaver's Bay
Places on Sothoryos
Places on the eastern continent
Plants Category:植物
Poisons Category:毒药
Portal Images
Products Category:产品
Prophecy Category:预言
Prostitutes Category:妓女
Qartheen ships
Qohor Category:魁尔斯
Rangers of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人游骑兵
Recruits of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人新兵
Red Priests Category:红袍僧
Religions Category:宗教
Renamed ships
Riverlands Category:河间地
Rivers Category:河流
Roads Category:路
Ruling council of Meereen
Sailors Category:水手
Science and technology Category:科技
Scribes Category:学者
Second Sons Category:次子团
Sellsword companies Category:佣兵团
Sellswords Category:雇佣兵
Sentient species
Ships Category:船只
Ships captured by the Iron Fleet
Ships from Ghis
Ships of the Iron Fleet
Ships of the Reach Category:河湾地船只
Ships under construction
Singers Category:歌手
Sketch Images
Skinchangers Category:异形者
Slaver's Bay Category:奴隶湾
Slaver ships
Slaves and freedmen Category:自由民(前奴隶)
Smallfolk Category:平民
Songs Category:歌曲
Squires Category:侍从
Stannis Baratheon's ships Category:斯坦尼斯拜拉席恩的船
Stewards of the Night's Watch Category:守夜人事务官
Stormlands Category:风暴地
Strongholds Category:要塞
Style and Navigation
Substances Category:物质
Swords Category:剑
Taverns Category:客栈
Terms Category:术语
The North Category:北境
The Reach Category:河湾地
The Westerlands Category:西境
Theories Category:理论推测
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Titles Category:头衔
Tourneys Category:比武大会
Tyrosh Category:泰洛西
User Page Images
Users Category:维基贡献者
Vale of Arryn Category:艾林谷
Valyria Category:瓦雷利亚
Valyrian steel blades Category:瓦雷利亚钢
Valyrian successor states
Valyrians Category:瓦雷利亚裔
Volantis Category:瓦兰提斯
Warden Category:守护
Wars Category:战争
Warships Category:战舰
Weapons Category:武器
Westeros Category:维斯特洛
Wetnurse Category:奶妈
Wildlings Category:野人
Windblown Category:风吹团
Yunkai Category:渊凯
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