坚定塔Standfast)不仅是一座要塞,而且更是充满了荣耀过往的塔楼。这里曾是 It's the ancient seat of 奥斯格雷家族最开始的族堡,附近三个村镇的统治中心。其位于It's located in the 河湾地,离海边仅三天骑程。little more than three days ride from the sea[1].

It stands upon a hill and can be seen for leagues around. A partial collapse of the north and west faces of the building required rebuilding, leaving a pale grey stone above and old black stone below. Turrets had been added during the rebuild, and two ancient grotesques whose shape had been lost long ago stood on the the other two corners. Its pinewood roof is flat, though warped and leaky from time.

A single path leads to tower, which can only be ridden single file. A daub-and-wattle stable sits at the base of the tower.[2] Standfast has one entrance, an oak and iron door.[3]The Standfast's size is deceptive. While it is only four stories tall above ground, underground there is a complex of deep vaults and cellars cut into the hill that it sat upon. The upper two have windows and balconies, the lower two, only arrow slits.[4] It has its own well.[5]


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