堡垒建于山丘上,几里格之外就能看见。其朝北向与西向崩塌严重,经过修理重建,白灰的石头建在原本黑重的磐石基础之上。重建时还添置了角楼,另两端久经风雨早已失去形状的奇异雕像依旧矗立在角落上。屋顶是松木平顶,虽然因为风雨早已歪曲不平,四处漏雨。been lost long ago stood on the the other two corners. Its pinewood roof is flat, though warped and leaky from time.

A single path leads to tower, which can only be ridden single file. A daub-and-wattle stable sits at the base of the tower.[2] Standfast has one entrance, an oak and iron door.[3]The Standfast's size is deceptive. While it is only four stories tall above ground, underground there is a complex of deep vaults and cellars cut into the hill that it sat upon. The upper two have windows and balconies, the lower two, only arrow slits.[4] It has its own well.[5]


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