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My lords. Lady Walda has given birth. A boy. Red-cheeked and healthy.
—— Wolkan reporting the birth of 盧斯·波頓 and Walda Bolton's 兒子Newborn Bolton.

沃肯(英語:Wolkan)是一個電視版原創的角色。 是一個學士, and was in service to 波頓家族 at the Dreadfort and then 臨冬城. He now serves 史塔克家族 following the Battle of the Bastards.


Season 5

At dinner, Lord 盧斯·波頓 reveals to his family that Lady Walda is pregnant, and that Maester Wolkan believes the child is a boy.[1]

Season 6

Wolkan listens as Ramsay recalls his initial interaction with Myranda. Wolkan asks Ramsay whether to bury her body or burn it on a pyre. Ramsay tells him to feed it to the hounds.[2]

Wolkan later informs Roose of Lady Walda's birthing of a boy, and subsequently witnesses Ramsay kill Roose, his own father. Terrified by what has happened, Wolkan obeys Ramsay's order to inform the Northern houses that Roose was poisoned by the Boltons' enemies. Ramsay then instructs Wolkan to bring Walda and the baby to him. Wolkan tells Ramsay that Walda is resting, his own way of subtly pleading for their lives, but Ramsay's glare scares Wolkan into obeying.[3]

Season 7

Following Ramsay's defeat by 瓊恩·雪諾 in the Battle of the Bastards, Wolkan now serves 史塔克家族, replacing the deceased Luwin, under Jon as the new 北境之王. He delivers a message to Jon from Queen 瑟曦·蘭尼斯特, addressing him respectfully as "Your Grace".[4] He later hands Jon another message, this one from 山姆威爾·塔利 from 學城 in 舊鎮.[5]

After Jon leaves for 龍石島 to meet with 丹妮莉絲·坦格利安, leaving 珊莎·史塔克 in charge, Wolkan discusses 臨冬城's food rations with Sansa, 培提爾·貝里席 and Lord 約恩·羅伊斯, agreeing with Sansa that there is currently not enough food to feed the North if the battle against the 夜王 starts soon. Wolkan promises to refer to Maester Luwin's notes regarding the longest winter in the past century and to obtain more food for the North.[6]

Wolkan later builds a wheelchair for the returned 布蘭·史塔克, so that he can move around 臨冬城 more easily. Meera then asks about it, claiming it as a good idea.[7]


Wolkan is shown to be a peaceful man who abhors violence, shown when he is visibly shocked at Ramsay murdering his own father in cold blood, and doing his best to plead for Walda and her baby's lives when he knows what Ramsay intends to do to them. Also, despite her vicious and sadistic nature, Wolkan appears saddened at Myranda's death and even more so when Ramsay instructs him to feed Myranda's body to the dogs instead of cremating or burying her with dignity, even though Myranda had no dignity to speak of in the first place. This appears to be due to Wolkan's training as a maester, to generally help people instead of harming them in contrast to the likes of Myranda, Locke and the Master Torturer. With Ramsay now gone, however, Wolkan appears much more comfortable serving 瓊恩·雪諾 and 史塔克家族.


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冰與火之歌小說中,沒有名為沃肯的人。盧斯·波頓有帶三個學士到臨冬城 to be put in charge of the ravens and messages, not to look after Walda. They were Maester Henly from Blackpool, Maester Medrick from Hornwood and Maester Rhodry from Castle Cerwyn. In the sixth season, Roose refers to "the maesters", indicating that Wolkan is not the only maester who serves the Boltons in 臨冬城, but since Wolkan is the only one shown or named personally, it is possible that he is the head maester.

Maester Wolkan is apparently named after one of the TV series's co-producers, Annick Wolkan.



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