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珊莎 I 海怪之女 瑟曦 III



她让三颗牙给她的船员和俘虏们弄一顿热餐,之后就去找哈尔洛头领,她的舅舅罗德利克·哈尔洛。在藏书塔,她发现舅舅正在看书。罗德利克·哈尔洛热爱读书,这个嗜好使他获得了 "读书人"的绰号。 In Asha's name Rodrik has sent summons to the captains to gather at Ten Towers. The captains of Harlaw isle have come but very few others. Rodrik informs Asha that Aeron Greyjoy has called for a Kingsmoot; an assembly of all captains to choose the king. Rodrik informs Asha that her cause is hopeless. Asha is a woman and no woman has ever ruled the Ironborn. Even the support of Rodrik does not mean his vassals will support her. Their fealty is for war purposes only. In a kingsmoot they are allowed to vote as they please. Rodrik councils Asha to stay away from the Kingsmoot. Besides her lack of support, he is afraid that Euron Greyjoy will kill his competitors. Rodrik offers to give her Ten Towers instead. His heir Harras Harlaw does not need Ten Towers and will protect her. Asha declines the offer and walks back to the hall.

She encounters Tristifer Botley on the way. When they were young Tristifer was in love with Asha. Asha liked him in the beginning but became bored with him before he was sent away. Tristifer though has never forgotten her and wants to wed Asha. He is the legitimate Lord of House Botley. His father has been killed by Euron Greyjoy for refuting Euron's claim to the throne. His titles have been given to Tristifer's uncle who supported Euron. Asha sharply refuses Tristifer's advances by reminding him that they are not children anymore and that she is his queen, not his wife.

Easter egg: In the chapter Rodrik Harlaw mentions an Archmaester named Rigney who believes that history is a wheel. The Wheel of Time fantasy series author Robert Jordan's real name is James Rigney.







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