Lord Salladhor Saan is a Lysene pirate and sellsail and is good friends with Ser Davos Seaworth. He is a smuggler, trader, banker and a notorious pirate. He styles himself as the Prince of the Narrow Sea.[1] He was named Lord of Blackwater Bay by Alester Florent in the name of Stannis I.[2]


Salladhor is a sleek man, known for his flamboyance. He has white, curly hair.[1]



Salladhor is one of the mercenaries pledged to Stannis Baratheon while he plots to take the throne.[3] His ship, the Valyrian, is spotted offshore of Dragonstone. Another of his ships, the Bird of Thousand Colors brought news from King's Landing. During the Battle of the Blackwater, Salladhor Saan and his fleet stayed outside of Blackwater Bay to keep watch for any hidden fleets that may sneak up from behind.[4] After the army was smashed by the combined Lannister - Tyrell force, Saan ordered his ships to pick up the remnants along the shore.[2]


Salladhor was made Lord of Blackwater Bay by Alester Florent, who had control of the King's seal after the Battle of the Blackwater. He set his fleet to intercepting any trade ships crossing Blackwater Bay and taxing them on their goods. He counsels Davos Seaworth upon his return not to seek out Melisandre but is rebuffed.[2]


After Stannis went north to the Wall, he left Salladhor at Eastwatch-by-the-sea.[5]

A Dance with Dragons

His fleet sets sail for White Harbor to take Davos Seaworth as an envoy from Stannis to the Manderlys. However, most of his fleet is destroyed by storms, he looses heart and decides to abandon Stannis, sick of waiting for payment from the man. The fleet is off the Three Sisters when this happens. He refuses to take Davos to White Harbor but does not throw him overboard as he threatened. Instead Davos is set ashore on Sweetsister by rowboat.[6] Sallador then goes on to the Stepstones to engage in piracy.

Ironically unbeknownst to Salladhor, he abandoned Stannis Baratheon just when Stannis is finally able to pay him, thanks to Stannis new ally: the Iron Bank of Braavos.


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