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龍石島電視劇權力的遊戲第七季的第1集,也是整個系列的第61集。於2017年7月16日播出。編劇David Benioff & D.B. Weiss,導演Jeremy Podeswa.[1]


瓊恩·雪諾開始組織北境的防禦。瑟曦·蘭尼斯特準備聯合攸倫·葛雷喬伊丹妮莉絲·坦格利安 抵達龍石島



孿河城, "瓦德·佛雷" 招開了宴會,邀請了所有佛雷家族的成員。並招待大家喝來自於 the Arbor的酒,但不讓他妻子Kitty Frey喝。他感謝大家幫忙對史塔克家族的屠殺,細述包括 北境之王 羅柏·史塔克、他的妻子簡妮·維斯特林和未出世的兒子,以及凱特琳·史塔克



此外桑鐸·克里岡無旗兄弟會成員一起北上,遇到大雪。貝里·唐德利恩決定在一個廢棄的小屋中過夜。進去之後才發現兩個屍體,是之前桑鐸和艾莉亞遇見過的,農夫和他的女兒 Sally,兩人應該沒食物吃,父親決定殺了女兒再自殺。 桑鐸私下裏回憶起在君臨的比武大會上見過貝里。貝里坦白稱自己並不知道光之王R'hllor在對他說什麼。桑鐸以死去的農夫和女兒的例子為證,直言他不相信神有正義。儘管桑鐸怕火,密爾的索羅斯卻讓他往火焰裡看。他告訴桑鐸只有火能顯示光之王想讓他看到的東西。一開始,桑鐸只看到木柴,但之後他從火焰中看到了絕境長城。他同時看到了長城連接大海處的城堡,可能是東海望。桑鐸看到了形如箭頭的山峰和數以萬計的异鬼軍隊正行軍翻越。此時貝裡問他,現在是否相信他們在這裡是有原因的了。



臨冬城, 北境之王 瓊恩·雪諾 命令他的封臣征召他的王国内所有10岁到60岁身体健全的男人和男孩,为即将来临的大战作训练和准备。但是 because having only half of the population in the North fighting the 異鬼 is not enough he also orders that every woman and girl should also be trained and equipped as well. He also asks that all maesters should start searching for 龍晶. He stresses that 龍晶 is now more valuable than gold due to the threat of the 異鬼. When 羅貝特·葛洛佛 questions Snow, Lady 萊安娜·莫爾蒙 remarks that girls will not remain idle and volunteers to help. 珊莎·史塔克 urges her half-brother to strip the House Umber and 卡史塔克家族 of their castles as punishment for turning against the Starks. However, Jon advocates forgiveness and insists that children will not be punished for the crimes of their fathers. Despite Sansa's continued insistence, Jon insists his decision is final and summons Ned Umber and 亞麗·卡史塔克 to reaffirm their loyalty to 史塔克家族. They oblige and kneel before King Jon. Jon says that the mistakes of the past don't matter anymore. 培提爾·貝里席 watches the proceedings with a smile.

In private, 瓊恩·雪諾 chides Sansa for questioning his decision-making in front of the other lords and ladies and tells her to trust him. When Sansa reminds him that the late 喬佛里·拜拉席恩 did not tolerate dissent, Jon reassures her that he is not Joffrey. Sansa tells Jon that she knows he is nothing like Joffrey and assures Jon that he is good at leadership but she wants him to be wiser than their late 艾德·史塔克 and 羅柏·史塔克. She confides that their father sought to protect her from the harshness of reality including swearing. Maester Wolkan then delivers a message from the newly-crowned Queen 瑟曦·蘭尼斯特; though she is not against 史塔克家族 reclaiming the North from 波頓家族, she demands that they submit to her authority. While Jon is preoccupied with preparing to fight the 夜王, Sansa warns him not to underestimate Cersei.

Later, 塔斯的布蕾妮 and 波德瑞克·派恩 spar with swords. Podrick is struggling and 托蒙德 tells him that he has long to go. Petyr and Sansa are watching Brienne and Podrick sparring. Sansa dismisses Littlefinger's attempts to get under her skin by stating that she is safe at 臨冬城 because Brienne is protecting her, and retorts to his prodding that she looks unhappy only because she yearns for peace and quiet. When Brienne, having seen what is going on, moves over to intervene, Baelish scurries off. When Brienne asks why Petyr is still here, Sansa replies that the Knights of the Vale helped to turn the tide of the Battle of the Bastards. However, Sansa is confident that she knows what Petyr wants.


塞外, a column of 異鬼 riding undead horses leads a horde of 屍鬼 through a snowstorm. Their numbers include at least three undead Giants. Meanwhile, 布蘭·史塔克 and 梅拉·黎德 reach the gate beneath 黑城堡. They are greeted by the Acting Lord Commander 艾迪森·托勒特 and several armed 守夜人. Edd thinks they are Wildlings but Meera introduces herself and Bran. When Edd asks them to verify their identities, Bran reveals that he knows that Edd fought alongside his half-brother 瓊恩·雪諾 at the 先民拳峰, and has seen the army of the dead. Edd decides to bring the two of them inside.


At 君臨, Queen Cersei shows 詹姆·蘭尼斯特 a giant map of 維斯特洛. Jaime has not spoken since his return due to his anger with Cersei over the death of their youngest son, the late King 托曼·拜拉席恩. Cersei tells Jaime that their estranged brother 提利昂·蘭尼斯特 has returned with Queen 丹妮莉絲·坦格利安 at the head of an armada. Jaime thinks that Daenerys will land her forces at the fortress of 龍石島: the Targaryen princess is likely to be drawn to her birthplace, and more importantly,the deep water around the island will allow her fleet to make anchor. Cersei notes that they have enemies in the south and the north: the 提利爾家族, the 馬泰爾家族, and the Starks.

While Cersei has dreams of ushering in a long dynasty, Jaime tells Cersei that they are losing the war, and with all their children dead, there is no Lannister line to inherit the 鐵王座. When Jaime asks Cersei about Tommen, she responds angrily that he betrayed them by committing suicide. Cersei adds that they are the only living Lannisters who count. Jaime tells her that they need allies and reports that 佛雷家族 has been exterminated. Cersei angrily reminds him that she has been listening to their 泰溫·蘭尼斯特's counsel for the past forty years and has learnt some things.

A large 鐵種 fleet bearing the sigil of 葛雷喬伊家族 sails into 君臨. Cersei tells Jaime that she is planning to forge an alliance with 攸倫·葛雷喬伊. Jaime criticizes her decision and points out that the Greyjoys are oath breakers and "bitter killers." Cersei responds that she plans to marry Euron. In the throne room, Queen Cersei and Jaime host Euron. Seeking revenge against 阿莎·葛雷喬伊 and 席恩·葛雷喬伊 for running away with part of the fleet, Euron proposes that they join forces to murder their enemies including Tyrion.

When Jaime questions Euron's legitimacy and trustworthiness, Euron talks about the Greyjoy Rebellion and praises Jaime's swordsmanship. Euron adds that he went into exile because of the Greyjoy Rebellion. He boasts that the Iron Fleet is the greatest fleet that 維斯特洛 has ever seen. Euron proposes to marry Cersei to seal a marriage pact. Cersei declines due to his history of oath breaking and his role in murdering his brother 巴隆·葛雷喬伊. Euron seems neither fazed nor disappointed and promises not to return to 君臨 until he has delivered his "finest gift."


At 學城 in 舊鎮, 山姆威爾·塔利 is assigned menial work. His duties include serving the 學士' meals, emptying their chamber pots, and storing books. While browsing through the library, he stares at a book behind a locked grate in the restricted section. Later, Samwell helps 博士 安布羅斯 to dissect a corpse. Samwell asks the Archmaester if he has read his proposition. In light of what he has seen in 北境, Samwell asks for permission to read the restricted section. When Samwell says that he has truly seen the Army of the Dead, the Archmaester responds that Maesters are naturally critical.

Still, he accepts Samwell's claim because the stories about the Long Night are corroborated in a number of sources. The Archmaester reminds him that Maesters are guardians of knowledge and history. Still, the Archmaester believes that the Wall will not fall because it has stood for millennia. He tells Sam to finish his job. Later that night, Samwell steals a Maester's key and enters the forbidden section.

While Samwell studies, 吉莉 entertains her young son Sam, who is now a toddler. Gilly asks him about the book he is studying, which is about The Long Night. Samwell mentions that 史坦尼斯·拜拉席恩 told him that there was a cache of dragon-glass hidden beneath 龍石島. The next day, while gathering empty bowls from the cells of 學城, Samwell meets a shadowy figure whose arm is almost completely covered in 灰鱗病 who asks him if the Dragon Queen has arrived.


Meanwhile, Queen 丹妮莉絲·坦格利安 along with her closest advisers 提利昂·蘭尼斯特, 瓦里斯, 彌桑黛, and 灰蟲子 land at 龍石島. After landing, Daenerys bends down and touches the sand. She and her entourage then climb the steps to 龍石島城. Accompanied by 灰蟲子 and other 無垢者 guards, they silently enter the main gates and courtyard. Daenerys enters the empty throne room and the Chamber of the Painted Table. Surveying Stannis' former battle plan, she remarks "shall we begin?"




  • 約32個左右的佛雷家族成員
  • Harald Karstark (Confirmed Fate)
  • Sally (Confirmed Fate)
  • Sally's father (Confirmed Fate)


Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran's guest role was announced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss during the GoT panel at South by Southwest Festival on March 12, 2017 after years of getting the musician on the show as a surprise for Maisie Williams who is a fan of his music.[2]



Guest starring




  • As of the end of Season 6, all plotlines have surpassed the current novels in the 冰與火之歌 series, though the TV series has also drastically changed several of them. Season 6 surpassed the novels on some plotlines when it began, such as 瓊恩·雪諾's, but others were holdovers from prior books (the 鐵種 and [[奔流城 subplots). Whatever the case, from this point onwards, no one can know with certainty if any characters will survive from one episode to the next.
  • The title sequence is notably different now that no storylines take place outside of 維斯特洛. The production team explained that there are actually formal rules for it, the first of which is that they are required to show four locations: 君臨, 臨冬城, 絕境長城, and "wherever Daenerys is" at the moment. Daenerys's travels far to the east explicitly helped show just how vast their fictional world is, i.e. the Dothraki or 奴隸灣, that it's bigger than just the continent of 維斯特洛. The Season 7 title just focuses on 維斯特洛 itself. Another rule was that they physically only have so much time for the camera to move around, so they can only show a limited number of locations in each (never more than six so far). Moreover, they only make specific title animations for locations which they know will be recurring, to justify the time and expense in creating it (they never made an animation for Volantis or Runestone). Now that 舊鎮 is a major recurring location for Samwell's storyline, they introduced a new title animation for it starting in this episode.
  • Most remaining storylines reappear in this episode. As the showrunners have noted, so many characters are meeting each other again - after scattering in intervening seasons - that they don't need to compete for as much time or take an episode off, i.e. Tyrion is with Daenerys now. Dorne and 奧蓮娜·雷德溫 do not appear but are mentioned. Yara and Theon, despite being part of Daenerys's faction now, also do not appear, but are mentioned.


  • The opening shot of the 異鬼 and their undead horde reveals for the first time that they can resurrect Giants as undead 屍鬼 as well. This was strongly implied but not yet confirmed in the current books, which do show that the 異鬼 can resurrect seemingly any once-living creature into a wight: at the Battle of the 先民拳峰 (off-screen in the TV series), the 守夜人 was attacked by a huge wight-snow bear. Both the books and TV show, however, have shown the 異鬼 resurrecting non-humans, in the form of their undead wight-Horses.
  • Neil Fingleton is credited as playing one of the giants in army of the dead: the 7 foot 7 inch tall stuntman, tallest man in Britain, actually died of a heart attack in February 2017 (related to his size). Apparently he finished his footage before production ended, around the same time.
  • The status of what's left of the 守夜人 wasn't made entirely clear on-screen when they last appeared in mid-Season 6, but was explained in several online posts. In their last appearance, 艾迪森·托勒特 was said to be the new Lord Commander of the 守夜人, to his own surprise, as there hadn't been an election. Online posts explained that one of Jon's last acts before he quit was to simply name Edd as the new Acting Lord Commander, assuming he would be confirmed in that role by a subsequent formal election at some point.
    • Jon says in the 臨冬城 storyline that he intends to re-garrison the meager defenses of the Wall with the surviving wildlings, which happened earlier in the novels (see below).
  • Of the companions that 布蘭·史塔克 left 臨冬城 with at the end of Season 2, and picked up in Season 3, only Bran and 梅拉·黎德 are still alive. He left 臨冬城 with Osha, 阿多, 瑞肯·史塔克, and their two 冰原狼 - in the books, he left with Meera and Jojen Reed as well, but the TV show pushed back their introduction to the start of Season 3, immediately after he fled 臨冬城, due to time constraints. Some of these characters may survive in the book version - though the showrunners have confirmed that 阿多 will die in broadly similar fashion in the books, and Jojen has had visions that he will die on his quest to bring Bran to the 三眼烏鴉.
  • Bran's return to the North raises issues of the rightful heir to the North: due to the male-preference primogeniture laws of inheritance in the 七大王國, 布蘭·史塔克 was always ahead of his older sister Sansa in line of succession to 臨冬城 - just as Sansa, as a trueborn daughter, ranks ahead of a bastard son. No one, even Sansa, would challenge that he has a better claim than she does - they knew this since they were small children. 羅柏·史塔克 even spoke of Bran as his direct heir at the end of Season 1, not Sansa or Arya. In addition, Bran brings with him the shocking news that 瓊恩·雪諾 isn't even 艾德·史塔克's bastard son, but the son of Ned's younger sister 萊安娜·史塔克, in which case he'd rank behind both Bran and Sansa regardless of being a bastard or not.
  • There has been some fan speculation that the sword 梅拉·黎德 brought back from the Cave of the 三眼烏鴉 is actually Dark Sister, the 瓦雷利亞鋼 sword that once belonged to Visenya Targaryen and remained the secondary family sword of 坦格利安家族. The novels all but state that the 三眼烏鴉 was originally Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, a bastard son of 坦格利安家族 and a major character in the Tales of Dunk and Egg prequels who later became Lord Commander of the 守夜人, but disappeared 塞外 decades ago. He wielded the sword Dark Sister but it was lost ever since. Neither Meera nor any of Bran's other companions brought a sword with them 塞外 - Meera just started using it in the cave against wights without explanation, the tacit assumption being that the Children just scavenged it from somewhere. She never used the sword against a White Walker so if it was in fact a 瓦雷利亞鋼 sword, its true nature hasn't been revealed. There is as of yet no confirmation of this, given that the pommel design doesn't match a specific description (it doesn't overtly have a Targaryen sigil on it).

At 臨冬城

  • 亞麗·卡史塔克 first appears in this episode: her role was heavily condensed from the novels, in which she is the center of a subplot involving 卡史塔克家族, which chronologically happened during 史坦尼斯·拜拉席恩's campaign in the North. Alys is by right the new heir to 卡史塔克家族 but her father's uncle Arnolf Karstark wants to usurp her position, so he sides with the Lannisters and Boltons. Arnolf joins Stannis's march but intends to betray him mid-battle, and to force Alys to marry his own son to claim rule through her. Alys learns of their plans, however, and flees to the Wall to seek the aid of 瓊恩·雪諾. Due to the Karstarks being younger cousins of the main Stark line, she actually closely resembles Arya, and she met Jon and Robb at 臨冬城 when they were children. Jon sends 泰楚·奈斯托斯 to warn Stannis, and arranges for Alys to voluntarily marry the new Magnar of the Thenns so she can't be forced to marry Arnolf's son.
    • In the novels, Alys is the daughter of Lord Rickard Karstark, while in the television series, she is his granddaughter, the daughter of Rickard's son, Harald Karstark. The episode confirms that Harald died in the Battle of the Bastards along with 拉姆斯·波頓 and Smalljon Umber. With Harald's death, Alys inherits Karhold, and swears fealty to 瓊恩·雪諾, once again allying 卡史塔克家族 with 史塔克家族.
  • As pointed out by Michele Clapton, 珊莎·史塔克's new costume has semi-circular embroidery on the chest to evoke fish-scales, for her mother Catelyn of 徒利家族. Tully costumes, as seen with Brynden and her uncle Edmure, feature armor with a more prominent fish-scale design motif.
  • 塔斯的布蕾妮's storyline is drastically diverging from the novels by this point. In the novel series, after Brienne left 君臨 (corresponding to the start of Season 4), she continued to travel around 河間地 on foot with 波德瑞克·派恩 searching fruitlessly for Sansa and Arya, far away from their actual locations, without encountering either of them, and without getting involved in the siege of [[奔流城 either. Her storyline ended on a cliffhanger confrontation with the 無旗兄弟會 which also involved 詹姆·蘭尼斯特 at the end of the fifth novel. Anything Brienne does beyond this point is apparently an invention of the TV series.
    • Brienne traveling to 臨冬城 and the Wall in Seasons 5 and 6, and meeting Sansa, was purely an invention of the TV series. Then in the second half of Season 6, the TV series brought back Jaime's subplot at the [[Second Siege of 奔流城 (which takes place throughout the second half of the fourth novel - the TV series instead invented the subplot of sending him to 多恩, while in the novels that mission was given to Ser Balon Swann). Brienne then encountered Jaime at [[奔流城 - while this did not happen as such in the novels they did meet again in 河間地 under different circumstances. Brienne returning to 臨冬城 once again afterwards may not happen in the unreleased novels.
  • Given that Brienne never went to the Wall in the novels, 托蒙德 being attracted to her in Season 6 was an invention of the TV series. It does somewhat match the point that the wildlings actually respect Warrior women (who they call Spearwives) - in contrast with how Brienne is seen as a target of mockery in the courts of southern 維斯特洛.
    • Surprisingly given how prominently it appeared, director Daniel Sackheim said in an interview with TVGuide that he thought the amorous looks 托蒙德 was giving Brienne in Season 6 were so subtle he feared fans didn't notice: "I wasn't even sure that when I delivered the episode it was really clear. It was like a fun little bit, but I wasn't sure it was really clear that he had these amorous feelings for Brienne. I'm always amazed what fans pick up." The first time that 托蒙德 gives an impressed look at Brienne when they were in the mess hall at 黑城堡 was just a brief note in that script, but the production team liked it so much they invented more scenes of it.[3]


  • According to D.B. Weiss in the Inside the Episode video for this episode, Arya's massacre of 佛雷家族 was not originally going to be the cold open scene for this episode and Season 7 (it seems that the army of the dead shot in Bran's storyline was going to be the cold open). As Weiss said, they were so impressed with actor David Bradley's performance that they reshuffled the scene out of its original order to go first (i.e. Bradley gives little affectations to his performance to hint that he's really Arya pretending to be Walder). The ripple effect from reshuffling the scene may have affected others (see notes on "舊鎮" below).
  • The expensive fine wine that Walder/Arya serves to the assembled Freys is stated to be Arbor Gold, in dialogue. In the books, Arbor Gold is broadly held to be the finest wine in all of 維斯特洛, with a very sweet flavor. It is produced on The Arbor, the large off-shore island/region ruled by House Redwyne (奧蓮娜·雷德溫's family). Characters have actually mentioned fine "Arbor wine" since Season 1, but this episode is the fist time that its full formal name has been used. Given its quality, it is a very expensive wine, normally only drunk by kings and great lords (Cersei starts drinking it heavily in later books). Smallfolk rarely even see it. Indeed, it is joked that a commoner would sell his infant firstborn son for a cask of fine Arbor Gold.
    • "Walder" also remarks that it isn't that awful "Dornish" wine. Dornish Red is the other very expensive and high quality fine wine in 維斯特洛, produced in 多恩, flavored with spices and with a very sour taste. It is somewhat exotic and foreign to people in the rest of 維斯特洛, but many great lords have developed a taste for it as fancy import (characters like 藍禮·拜拉席恩 have mentioned enjoying a fine Dornish wine since Season 1). Conversely, 奧柏倫·馬泰爾 remarked in Season 4 that he brought his own fine Dornish wine with him from home because he can't stand the stuff they serve at the royal court (i.e. he thinks Arbor Gold is too sweet and bland). There's some debate in-universe about which is the best wine, but largely it comes down to personal taste: those who prefer a sweet white wine prefer Arbor Gold, while those who want an exotic spicy and sour red wine prefer Dornish Red.
  • File:RobettGlover-Square.jpg

    "Don't drink the wine!!"

    This isn't the first time that actor Tim McInnerny (Lord 羅貝特·葛洛佛) has appeared in a TV episode in which an entire noble court full of people was killed with poisoned wine - albeit this time not in the same storyline his character is in. A similar scenario occurred in the final episode of The Black Adder, in which McInnerny's character, Lord Percy Percy, supplied poisoned wine to the six assassins of the Black Seal and killed them all (one of them portrayed by Patrick Malahide), but accidentally poisoned the entire vat that led to the death of Blackadder, his family and the entire royal court; Percy and Baldrick were the only survivors, bursting into the court only seconds after the poisoning and shouting to everyone not to drink the wine.
  • In the Season 6 finale, the official Lannister house words were spoken aloud for the first time: "Hear Me Roar!", to which the Freys responded with a toast of "We Stand Together!" - the motto of 佛雷家族 actually hasn't appeared in the current novels, and this is apparently the first time that any house motto was revealed in the TV series before the books. It wasn't directly confirmed that this is the Frey motto, though this episode reinforces it when the Freys toast again - though this time they just say "Stand Together!", leaving it a bit unclear.
  • Given that 艾莉亞·史塔克's storyline has surpassed the novels it is unknown if she will kill off most of 佛雷家族 in this fashion. There are several dozen major Frey characters and the TV show understandably condensed them into a few composite characters. It is hinted that the 無旗兄弟會 is actually planning an attack on some of the Freys, and Arya may or may not aid them in the future.
  • There was some concern from reports on this episode that Arya killed all the male Freys, even the innocent ones and children. The actual episode dialogue, however, does not strictly state this: Arya (as Walder) explicitly says that she invited all of the important Freys who matter to Walder ("Every Frey that means a damn") - i.e. if there are younger Frey sons that had nothing to do with the 紅色婚禮 she didn't invite them. On top of this, the TV show never established that there were "good" younger Frey sons, i.e. in the books, Olyvar Frey loyally served 羅柏·史塔克 as his squire - so loyally that the lead Freys didn't trust him and sent him away from the Twins before the 紅色婚禮. Given that the TV show didn't introduce them, it didn't have to expend time explaining how Arya spared the innocent ones.
    • If Arya was going to kill every male relative of 佛雷家族, she'd have even killed her infant first cousin, son of her uncle 艾德慕·徒利 and Roslin Frey - and thus make herself a kinslayer.
    • It is unclear who the new head of 佛雷家族 is at this point, if any. There are still female Freys and rule would pass to them if there are no male heirs (though it is implied Arya didn't kill them all down to the last baby son). The Freys are a very large family and the books strongly imply that after old Lord Walder dies, the various internal factions of the family's different branches (by Walder's different wives) are going to turn on each other in a fratricidal bloodbath. This involved over a dozen Frey characters, which the TV show has understandably not introduced.
  • The question arises about 艾德慕·徒利's fate. In the Season 6 finale, Lord Walder said he was a prisoner in the Twins' own dungeon, but Arya made no attempt to free him. It's possible that the dungeon was too well guarded. Another possibility is that, in the novels, the Freys later send Edmure away to 凱岩城 for long-term imprisonment, so he might just no longer be at the Twins.
  • Kitty Frey, Lord Walder's new wife, returns again in this episode. She has no book counterpart, because in the novels 凱特琳·史塔克 slit the throat of one of Walder's grandsons; the TV version condensed this so that Catelyn killed his current and eighth wife, Joyeuse Erenford.
  • As noted in the 君臨 storyline, the Lannisters are running low on soldiers, after losing so many due to attrition in Joffrey's wars. The Lannister soldiers that Arya encounters seem to be green conscripts who just left home, are worried about their families, and aren't wary of strangers. A hint at how the Lannisters are scrapping the bottom of the barrel for manpower.
  • When Arya meets the friendly Lannister conscripts, her dialogue can't express it aloud, but it appears that she was assessing whether she should kill them or not - but then stopped because they technically offered her Guest right by offering to share their meal with her. The camera pans around from her POV to note that they left all their swords piled up out of reach - indicating that she realizes she could probably kill most of them with 縫衣針 before they can defend themselves. In her overt dialogue, she repeatedly tries to decline their offer to share their meal, because she intended to kill them. After they repeatedly show her hospitality, hand her a cooked rabbit and outright call her their "guest", however, she visibly relents, realizing she won't lower herself to 瓦德·佛雷's level by breaking guest right (technically she "fed" the Freys she feasted with poisoned wine, but they broke guest right first - the stories seem to indicate the gods think that's fair punishment).
  • Popular contemporary musician Ed Sheeran cameos in this episode as the Lannister soldier singing a song around their campfire. Fantasy fans will remember him for singing the end credits song for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Apparently, the production team gave Sheeran a cameo because Arya actress Maisie Williams is a fan.
    • Sheeran's presence brings up a production issue: most actors aren't also trained musicians and singers, so the TV show has actually cut out several major songs that appear in the novels. For example, the wildlings have an important song in the books called The Last of the Giants, which sums up a lot of their mental state about how their world is ending. The TV production team originally intended to have Ygritte sing it at some point, but actress Rose Leslie was so terrified of singing on-camera that she politely refused. Similarly, in Season 2, Sophie Turner said that what she was most afraid of filming that year wasn't any of Joffrey's torments, battles, or the riot scene, but the brief moment when she had to sing a hymn (Gentle Mother, Font of Mercy), because she isn't a professional singer. A few actors on the show were also professional singers, specifically Jerome Flynn (波隆) and Kerry Ingram (希琳·拜拉席恩), so at various points the TV show had them perform song that other characters do in the novels. Given how reluctant actors with no singing experience are to sing on-camera, in several ways the only guaranteed way to incorporate these book-songs into the TV show is to have professional singers make cameo appearances to sing them. Indeed, in similar fashion, in Season 2, the lead Bolton soldier singing The Bear and the Maiden Fair was a cameo by professional musician Gary Lightbody.
  • The song that Ed Sheeran's character sings is from the books: Hands of Gold. A minstrel called Symon Silvertongue came up with it to mockingly hint that he knew 提利昂·蘭尼斯特 was continuing his affair with the whore Shae even though his father told him to break it off - apparently hoping to blackmail him. Instead, Tyrion ordered Bronn to kill Symon, and Bronn disposed of the corpse by selling it to a pot-shop that makes bowls of brown out of "all kinds of meat". The song has added irony, as ultimately, Tyrion murdered Shae by strangling her to death with his chain of office as 國王之手 - a necklace made of stylized interlocking gold hands.
  • The Lannister conscripts Arya encounters mention wanting to see 君臨, but now Cersei's guards aren't letting anyone within one mile of the 紅堡, the 貝勒大聖堂 was blown up, and the Dragonpit is a ruin. This marks the 先民tion of the Dragonpit in a live-action episode (the Histories & Lore featurettes have mentioned it in prior seasons), setting up how it will be a major location later this season. 君臨 was built around three large hills, and these three structures were built at the top of each. The Dragonpit is at the top of Rhaenys's Hill, above Flea Bottom. It has actually been in ruins for around 170 years, since it collapsed in riots during the Dance of the Dragons.
  • One of the Lannister soldiers says that 君臨 at this point is filled with people who would kill you to sell your hide for just two Coppers. Copper Pennies are the lowest denomination of the Gold Dragon currency used in 維斯特洛, and a good-sized loaf of bread is worth around three Coppers.
  • 貝里·唐德利恩 mentions that he first met 桑鐸·克里岡 at "that Tournament" - actually, this was the Tourney of the Hand which was held during Season 1. The parts of the tournament seen on-screen were condensed due to time and budget limitations: Sandor was present but wasn't shown participating (though he did fight off his brother Gregor to defend 洛拉斯·提利爾). In the books, Beric and Thoros participated in the tournament as well - as did many of the other knights that Ned Stark sent out to find 格雷果·克里岡. They formed the original core of the 無旗兄弟會. Beric appeared in the TV show but not at the tournament, simply played by a stand-in when Ned sent him to 河間地. In the book version of the tourney, Sandor actually beat 詹姆·蘭尼斯特. Sandor apparently encountered Beric and Thoros off-screen in the TV version.
  • Sandor and Arya encountered Sally and her father on their farm back in Season 4 episode 3 "Breaker of Chains". They gave Sandor and Arya food and shelter, but Sandor broke Guest right by then beating up and robbing the man of his remaining silver. At the time, he rationalized that so many bandits were roaming the countryside from the war that there was no way they'd survive until winter anyway, but it would help Sandor and Arya flee the area.
  • Sandor's final appearance in the episode digging graves for Sally and her father is apparently a reference to his appearance as a gravedigger in the books, under different circumstances: 塔斯的布蕾妮 didn't fight Sandor in the books, instead he was left mortally injured after fighting sellswords from the Brave Companions, after which Arya left him for dead. Some time later in the fourth novel, however, Brienne and Podrick came across a monastery where refugees from the war were seeking shelter, and saw a very large and hooded man with a limp digging graves for the fallen. Their interaction with the Elder Brother heavily implied that the gravedigger was in fact Sandor: the Elder Brother said that he found him near death and nursed him back to health.
  • Sandor and Arya encountered Sally and her father's farm not long after they started heading south from 孿河城 after the 紅色婚禮 - now, Sandor and the Brotherhood arrive there while heading north. Meanwhile, Arya just left the Twins and is heading south again. It is possible that they might cross paths soon. Back in "Breaker of Chains", around the same time Sandor first encountered this farm, he remarked to Arya that they were near Fairmarket, which is on the Blue Fork of The Trident.
    • It is unclear why it is snowing more heavily in Sandor's scenes south of the Twins, but not particularly hard in Arya's scenes slightly farther north at the Twins (one could argue that the Twins are closer to the swamps of The Neck, so there may be some regional lake effect retaining heat - either that or Sandor's scenes aren't chronologically in synch with Arya's).

In 舊鎮

  • The montage of 山姆威爾·塔利 doing drudgery work for the 學士 at 學城, emptying chamber pots, pouring soup, stacking books, lasts a full 90 seconds.
  • It seems very probable that the montage of Samwell emptying chamber pots was originally meant to be comic relief for the very dark Sandor scenes, in which he is digging a grave for the decayed skeleton of a little girl who died because he robbed her. The showrunners actually confirmed that scenes were reshuffled within the episode at the last minute: they were so impressed with David Bradley's performance as Arya-pretending-to-be-Walder that they moved it to be the new cold open. In the final version, Samwell's 舊鎮 scenes are split into two major blocks - the comic scene earlier, but the second immediately after Sandor's gravedigging scene. It is possible that as originally envisioned, all of Samwell's scenes were going to be in one long block at the end - in which case the comedic montage of Sandor emptying chamber pots was meant to lighten the mood after such a somber scene with Sandor. Reshuffling the episode to put the Frey scenes first may have somehow resulted in Samwell's comedic relief going before the scene it was meant to compensate for.
  • The appearance of 吉莉's son Sam raises the issue of the TV-series internal Timeline once again. Time proceeds more slowly in the TV show, and he's just a baby at the end of the current novels, but starting last season the TV show tacitly acknowledge this is impossible by starting to cast toddlers to play him. It largely avoids the issue here, but given that he is this large and trying to talk at this point, there's no realistic way he's younger than around three years old. He was born during Season 3, and prior seasons did broadly follow a pattern of one TV season equaling one year of story time. Not every storyline was in synch with each other, and some seasons were a little short (Season 4) while others a little longer (Season 5), but broadly, characters state in Season 6 that "years" plural have passed since the 紅色婚禮 in Season 6 (at least two, more likely three). Generally the approximate pattern holds on a season level - or at least has so far. There's no guaranteed plan of this, and for all we know, all of the events of the unpublished seventh novel might only span a single month's worth of internal story time. Thus, while one TV season has equaled one year in the past, there is no guarantee that the final Seasons 7 and 8 will fit the same pattern (i.e. perhaps the showrunners consider them combined as one really long "season" split into two halves, etc.)
  • There is no "Maester Weyland" in the books, the man that Samwell is helping perform an autopsy on, who died from alcoholism complications.
  • Archmaester 安布羅斯 is in fact a character from the novels: each archmaester is the foremost expert in a given field of knowledge, like a university faculty, and 安布羅斯 is indeed the archmaester of medicine and healing - thus it makes sense that he is introduced performing a medical autopsy. His willingness to believe Samwell's stories about the 異鬼, due to weight of evidence, gives his TV version some shades of Archmaester Marwyn - a separate character from the books, considered an oddball by the rest of 學城 because his field of focus is the "higher mysteries" (Magic).
  • The scene between Archmaester 安布羅斯 and Samwell raises a point about medical knowledge in 維斯特洛: the novels apparently indicate that they actually don't have a stigma against performing autopsies on human corpses to further medical and scientific knowledge. The real-life history of human dissection has gone through cycles in many cultures in which human autopsies were forbidden, such as medieval Christianity and Islam, and before that, the Greco-Romans. Famously, late third century Greek physician Galen had to dissect macaque apes due to prohibitions at the time on performing autopsies on human cadavers (leading to several misunderstandings). In contrast, when Pycelle complains in the books that 科本's presence on the 御前會議 is abhorrent, he states that the order of maesters has long opened up the bodies of dead men to try to learn the secrets of life - but 科本 dissected living men, in agony, to try to learn the secrets of death and necromancy. Thus it seems that they have no prohibitions against autopsies. 喬治·R·R·馬丁 has stated that medical knowledge in 維斯特洛 is explicitly better than it was during the real Middle Ages - because he didn't want to have a setting in which characters regularly die from bacterial infections before they're fifty years old, etc. The lack of prohibitions on autopsies may have been a factor in this, or at least, is a way to demonstrate that they have more extensive medical knowledge than the real Middle Ages.
  • When 安布羅斯 asks Samwell to weigh one of the organs from the corpse, he responds that it weighs "147" - without stating any context for what units they're using. We actually don't know much about the units of measurement used in 維斯特洛. Martin never uses modern metric measurements, to reflect their medieval society, in which measurement systems grew haphazardly out of local custom. They use yards, feet, and miles, not metric meters and kilometers. Other systems haven't been encountered as often: they assuredly don't use kilograms to measure weight. The novels have mentioned the "stone" weight unit, but one stone equals about 14 pounds, so there's no way the "147" organ weight refers to those. In Season 4's "First of His Name", Cersei listed off "pounds, tons, and ounces" but this might have just been the TV writers making an educated guess at what sounds like plausible pre-modern units of measurement they might use.
  • Screencaptures of the books that Sam and Gilly are reading make note that the High Valyrian term for 龍晶 (obsidian) is "zīrtys perzys" - and notes that this literally translates as "frozen fire". This translation is mentioned in the novels, but Martin didn't come up with a High Valyrian word corresponding to it. Linguist David J. Peterson actually came up with the term as early as May 2014.[4]
  • Sam's book, left hand page: "There are even tales of the less savory...powdered 龍晶 as a cure for...in his great work on illnesses and...little harm incurs from the ingestion..."

    When Samwell is looking at the open book with the right-hand page showing a map of 龍石島 island, the left hand page opposite it seems to state that the cure for 灰鱗病 is actually to ingest 龍晶 ground up into a fine powder - though the maester who wrote the book scoffs that it would actually work.
  • Within the books Sam is researching for information on how to kill 異鬼 is a sketch of Littlefinger's 瓦雷利亞鋼 dagger from Season 1, which was carried by the catspaw assassin, and later was used by Littlefinger to falsely frame Tyrion. It isn't unusual that there would be an individual sketch of this dagger: since the Doom of Valyria four centuries ago, no new 瓦雷利亞鋼 weapons were made, and in the entire continent of 維斯特洛 there are only a little over two hundred surviving blades - mostly swords, but also a few axes and daggers. There are so few that isn't implausible that over the centuries some maesters made a codex with sketches of each individual surviving weapon.
  • Another book Sam reads has legible text referring to Lomas Longstrider and his famous book, Wonders Made by Man. Loosely comparable to Marco Polo, Lomas was a man from 維斯特洛 who traveled all over the world, even to Yi Ti and back (their China analogue).
  • Legends of the Long Night contains a block-text quote from The World of Ice and Fire.

    The visible text of the book 吉莉 is reading, Legends of the Long Night, is actually a full block-text quote from The World of Ice and Fire chapter on the Long Night.
  • Sam recalls that Stannis told him there was 龍晶 in 龍石島, in Season 5's "Kill the Boy": Sam did not think it was important at that time, but now he intends to inform Jon about that. In the parallel book chapter, both Stannis and Sam consider that information as highly important, and Stannis sends orders to the castellan of 龍石島 to mine the material. Jon is not present at their conversation both in the show and the book, but it seems doubtful that Sam wouldn't have told him such important detail.

At 龍石島

  • "龍石島" is the name of both the large island and the eponymous castle which is its ruling seat.
  • 龍石島 is the ancestral homeland of 坦格利安家族, settled centuries ago as the westernmost outpost of the 瓦雷利亞. Due to its isolation, when the Doom of Valyria destroyed their vast empire in a single day, the Targaryens survived on 龍石島 with the world's only remaining dragons. One of the reasons they settled the isle is because it has an active volcano, a preferred nesting ground of dragons.
  • 龍石島 is one of the strongest fortresses in all of 維斯特洛, because it was built by the ancient Valyrians themselves using advanced construction techniques which were lost after their empire collapsed. The Valyrians were fond of building vast mega-structures by having dragons literally melt down stone with their flames, then teasing out the black liquid stone into various fantastic shapes. The island is also decorated with numerous dragon-themed statues and gargoyles. Its architectural designs seem very strange and foreign to people from mainland 維斯特洛.
  • The Targaryens spent a hundred years after the Doom building up their strength, then invaded 維斯特洛 in the Targaryen Conquest. Afterwards, 龍石島 remained their private domain and final redoubt. Traditionally, the heir to the鐵王座 would rule the island directly as "Prince of 龍石島" (comparable to how the real-life heir to the British monarchy is known as the "Prince of Wales").
    • During their exile, Daenerys was the nominal heir of her brother Viserys Targaryen - who made the empty claim to be "King Viserys the Third" in exile. Thus, Daenerys nominally held the title "Princess of 龍石島". Given that Viserys dies by the sixth episode of Season 1, this comes up more frequently in the first novel, i.e. when Illyrio Mopatis introduces Daenerys to 卓戈 for the first time, in the book version he lists off her formal title as "Princess of 龍石島", but this was omitted from the TV version. The title was entirely academic of course, given that they were living in exile and upon Viserys's death she inherited his full title as the Targaryen claimant to the throne itself.
  • 丹妮莉絲·坦格利安 was actually born on 龍石島, at the end of Robert's Rebellion. Right before the rebel army sacked 君臨 her father 瘋王 sent his pregnant wife away to safety on 龍石島, where she died in childbirth. Her brother Viserys fled with her into exile in the 自由貿易城邦s a few weeks later, so she has no memory of it, but technically it is still her true home. Daenerys has spent her life living on the sufferance of others or as a foreign invader in 奴隸灣, but on Viserys's death, 龍石島 became hers by right.
    • Of course, much like the鐵王座, given that 瓊恩·雪諾 is actually the secret son of her eldest brother, Rhaegar, Jon might have more claim to it than her, but even then, Daenerys is his closest Targaryen relative, so 龍石島 would still be hers as next in line to the throne.
    • Earlier episodes kept this point that Daenerys was technically born in 維斯特洛, on 龍石島. In Season 2, when the Spice King in Qarth directly asks her if she's ever even set foot in 維斯特洛, she responds that she fled when she was just a baby. In Season 6, Tyrion also remarks to Jorah that Daenerys has never spent "one day of her adult life" in 維斯特洛.
  • Because 龍石島 is a volcanic island (surrounded by the salty sea), and Daenerys was born there, she matches the prophecies about Azor Ahai and The Prince That Was Promised being "born amidst salt and smoke". 梅麗珊卓 thought that Stannis fit this as ruler of 龍石島, although he was born at 風息堡, interpreting it as a figurative "rebirth" when he claimed his position as the Lord's Chosen. Maester Aemon also explains in the novels that in the original High Valyrian the prophecy was made in, "Prince" is actually a gender-neutral term, like "ruler", so the female Daenerys still fits it.
    • Daenerys also matches other aspect of the prophecies, that the Prince would "wake dragons from stone" - she hatched dragon eggs, which seem petrified as stone.
  • Daenerys in Season 7 is dressing in the old Targaryen style that her brother Viserys wore back in Season 1. Note the short cape pinned to one shoulder.

    The new costume style that Daenerys shifts to starting in this episode is actually not entirely new to the series - she has switched to the "old Targaryen style" that her brother Viserys was seen wearing back in Season 1 (as sort of a sign that she has embraced her inner Targaryen nature as a conqueror). Costume designer Michele Clapton explained at the time that because Viserys was older than Daenerys when the Targaryens were deposed (he was a child), he still remembers what the fashions at the old Targaryen royal court looked like and dresses in them - thus even though his one costume didn't appear very often, it was meant to be a window into what the old Targaryen style looked like: asymmetric cut, peaked shoulder cuffs that are separate from the undercoat, long form-fitting sleeves, high collar, and a short cape asymmetrically pinned to one shoulder (as Viserys was seen wearing at her wedding to Drogo in the first episode). Finally, of course, she has also dramatically shifted from her prior blue or white color palettes to finally dressing in Targaryen red and black, the colors of their heraldry. For more information, see "Costumes: 君臨 - Under the Targaryens"
  • As for the new Costumes of many characters in Season 7 shifting to darker colors, the reason behind this is simple: the costuming department felt that because "winter" has officially descended across 維斯特洛, characters should now be wearing dark colors i.e. the time for wearing brighter colors would have been Renly's camp in Season 2 when they were "the knights of summer".
  • 龍石島 island was last held by 史坦尼斯·拜拉席恩 as his main seat during the war. In the books, when Stannis took his main force north to save the 守夜人 at the Battle of 黑城堡, he left a small skeleton defense force behind to hold the castle. Given how strong the fortress is even this small garrison was enough to deter a direct attack by the Lannisters: as a result much of the remaining Lannister/Tyrell fleet was pinned down encircling and besieging 龍石島, trying to wait them out through starvation over time. This prevented the Lannisters or Tyrells from dealing with the rise of 攸倫·葛雷喬伊 on the west coast. 洛拉斯·提利爾 has come up with the idea to force a quick end to the siege by storming the castle, stating that he can conquer the castle within two weeks; Cersei agrees, in hopes he will die in the fighting. Loras takes the castle, but with heavy and unnecessary losses due to his rash nature, and after fighting through many defenders despite taking numerous wounds, he was doused with boiling oil and left barely clinging to life. Cersei then needlessly gloated to Margaery about Loras, breaking down the already fragile Lannister-Tyrell alliance. The TV series omitted all of this and just had Loras burn to death in the Destruction of the 貝勒大聖堂 (in either version, he apparently burns to death - though there is some slim chance he might in fact survive in the books). As a result, as of the most current novel 龍石島 is weakly held by a remaining Lannister force after the siege.
    • In the episode, Jaime states that "Stannis left the castle unoccupied." When Daenerys arrives with her army, 龍石島 is abandoned and she faces no resistance.
  • 龍石島 was Stannis's base of operations seen in Seasons 2 through 4, but several major locations on it weren't actually shown on screen at the time, probably due to budget constraints. Most interior scenes focused on the war planning room around the Painted Table - a large table painted as a large map of 維斯特洛 which 伊耿·坦格利安一世 himself used when he was planning his conquest of 維斯特洛. Exterior shots focused on a generic beach with a large dragon statue in the background as a digital insert. Season 7 depicts all of 龍石島's exteriors, and several new major internal locations, including a fully realized throne room, hewn from the volcanic rock. Stannis sat on this throne in several scenes from the books that were shifted to the council room. Historically, many prior Targaryens from Aegon I to Rhaenyra sat on the throne of 龍石島.
    • 龍石島 was a major location in the Dance of the Dragons, the great Targaryen civil war fought 170 years ago. It was the initial headquarters of Rhaenyra Targaryen and her faction, while her half-brother Aegon II held 君臨 itself. Several prequel projects to follow the main series are being discussed, and it is possible that these 龍石島 sets were introduced with an eye towards being re-used for a prequel series.
  • As when Stannis held it, 龍石島 isn't worth much in and of itself to Daenerys, as a comparatively small island - but it has an excellent strategic location controlling the mouth of Blackwater Bay, and thus threatening all sea travel going to or from 君臨. Additionally, of course, it is a strong symbolic move for Daenerys to go from being a foreign exile to directing her invasion of 維斯特洛 from the ancestral seat of the Targaryens themselves .

In the books

[This section will be updated with comparisons when the sixth novel is released.]

Memorable quotes

艾莉亞·史塔克: (disguised as 瓦德·佛雷) "Leave one wolf alive...and the sheep are never safe."

艾莉亞·史塔克: "Tell them 北境 remembers. Tell them winter came for 佛雷家族."

珊莎·史塔克: "You have to be smarter than father. You need to be smarter than Robb. I loved them, I miss them, but they made stupid mistakes and they both lost their heads for it."

瑟曦·蘭尼斯特: "Should we spend all our days mourning the dead? Mother, father, and all our children? I loved them, I did. But they’re ashes now, and we’re still flesh and blood. We’re the last Lannisters, the last ones who count.”

丹妮莉絲·坦格利安: "Shall we begin?"