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第5季, 第7集
The Gift promo.jpg
上映日期 2015年5月24日
编剧 大卫·贝尼奥夫 & D·B·韦斯
导演 Miguel Sapochnik

"礼物"是HBO播出的权利的游戏第五季中的第七集,于2015年5月24日上映。本集由大卫·贝尼奥夫D·B·韦斯Michael Slovis]]编剧,由Michael Slovis导演。


  • The episode is adapted from the following chapters of A Feast for Crows:
    • Chapter 15, Samwell II: In his illness, Maester Aemon hallucinates he is young again and, confusing Sam for his brother Aegon, he tells him: “Egg, I dreamed that I was old.”
    • Chapter 35, Samwell IV: Aemon dies of old age and Sam eulogizes him as a great man, a maester of the Citadel, chained and sworn, and sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, ever faithful. Sam exalts that no man was wiser, gentler, or kinder, and that he had counseled a dozen Lord Commanders. Finally, Sam recites: "He was the blood of the dragon, but now his fire has gone out. He was Aemon Targaryen. And now his watch is ended." Afterwards, Sam and Gilly have sex for the first time.
    • Chapter 40, The Princess in the Tower: The Sand Snakes remain imprisoned at Doran’s orders.
    • Chapter 43, Cersei X: Cersei goes to the Great Sept to gloat at Margaery, who she finds barefoot and shivering in a dark little cell. Cersei feigns sympathy and support, yet Margaery abandons all pretenses, confronts Cersei about her part in this and screams at her to get out, calling her a "vile, scheming, evil bitch." Cersei claims she will forgive those words, as Margaery is understandably upset. Then, she talks to the High Sparrow, who asks if she spoke to Margaery, and says the Queen will be tried by the Faith, with seven judges. However, he also reveals a witness against Cersei for the crimes of murder and fornication. She tries to run away but is apprehended by a group of septas, who don't pay heed to her commands, her screams of "I am the queen!" or to her threats, and imprison her instead.
  • The episode is adapted from the following chapters of A Dance with Dragons:
    • Chapter 23, Daenerys IV: Daenerys expects Hizdahr zo Loraq to put a stop to the Sons of the Harpy’s attacks as a condition of their betrothal. In bed after sex, Daario says she should have all the Great Masters of dubious loyalty executed, which horrifies Dany.
    • Chapter 30, Daenerys V: Just as expected, the Harpy attacks stop after Dany's betrothal to Hizdahr.
    • Chapter 37, The Prince of Winterfell: Ramsay's bride begs Reek to help her escape. He refuses.
    • Chapter 38, The Watcher: Prince Doran hosts Cersei’s Kingsguard, who is concerned about Myrcella’s well-being after her assassination attempt. He asks to see her and Doran concedes.
    • Chapter 39, Jon VIII: A wildling envoy is sent North to offer the Free Folk shelter South of the Wall.
    • Chapter 41, The Turncloak: Winter has hit Winterfell. A Bolton muses that, while Stannis is at the mercy of the weather, they are sheltered in the castle. Ramsay keeps his wife locked away in her room, and Theon has seen the bruises on her body. He warns her that Ramsay only hurts people when they make him angry, so she should do as he says.
    • Chapter 42, The King’s Prize: A snowstorm stalls Stannis’ army in its way to Winterfell. The king is advised to perform sacrifices to appease the Lord of Light, and also to make camp until the weather improves instead of marching forward, but he ignores them all.
    • Chapter 43, Daenerys VII: In bed together, Daario expresses his unhappiness at Dany’s betrothal to Hizdahr, and asks Dany to marry him instead. Knowing she can't follow her heart, she denies him.
    • Chapter 46, A Ghost in Winterfell: Reek is let in a plot to rescue Ramsay’s wife, but he is afraid of what Ramsay may do to him and refuses to help.
    • Chapter 47, Tyrion X: Tyrion and Jorah arrive to a slave auction just outside Meereen, where they are sold to a slaver named Yezzan. Then, Tyrion is told that they are to perform at Daznak's Pit.
    • Chapter 49, Jon X: Jon sends Night’s Watch men in ships to Hardhome in order to bring the wildlings south of the Wall, so that they are safe from the White Walkers and don’t become wights.
    • Chapter 57, Tyrion XI: In a Meereenese fighting pit, Tyrion sees Daenerys for the first time.
    • Chapter 69, Jon XIII: Jon plans his rescue mission to Hardhome with Tormund.
  • The sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, remains unpublished, so there are some events brought forward from it that may occur in the story, yet the specific chapters are unknown. This may include Sansa's wedding and her return to Winterfell, both of which are also part of Littlefinger's plan in the books but have not happened yet. The meeting of Tyrion and Daenerys has been confirmed to take place in the sixth book.