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第5季, 第6集
上映日期 2015年5月17日
编剧 Bryan Cogman
导演 Jeremy Podeswa

"不屈不挠"是HBO播出的权利的游戏第五季中的第六集,于2015年5月17日上映。本集由Bryan Cogman编剧,由Jeremy Podeswa导演。




  • The episode is adapted from the following chapters of A Feast for Crows:
    • Chapter 2, The Captain of the Guards: In fear that Obara, Nym and Tyene will draw Dorne into a war against the Lannisters, Prince Doran commands Areo Hotah to imprison the Sand Snakes and Ellaria.
    • Chapter 21, The Queenmaker: On Doran’s orders, Areo puts a stop to the plot to use Princess Myrcella to spark a war between the Martells and the Lannisters, although Myrcella is almost assassinated.
    • Chapter 22, Arya II: The Faceless Man warns Arya that the Many-Faced God will take all her body parts, and her hopes and dreams and loves and hates as well. He wonders if Arya can allow that, yet answers for her —he doesn't believe she can. The Waif teaches the lying game to Arya.
    • Chapter 34, Cat of the Canals: While playing the lying game, the Waif lies about her background and asks Arya if she can spot the lies, and encourages Arya to try and do the same.
    • Chapter 39, Cersei IX: Cersei forces an entertainer to admit to sleeping with an accused Tyrell.
    • Chapter 43, Cersei X: Cersei conspires for the Faith Militant to imprison Queen Margaery, who is set to stand trial. Upon hearing about this, a Tyrell leader marches back to the capital in order to free Margaery.
  • The episode is adapted from the following chapters of A Dance with Dragons:
    • Chapter 37, The Prince of Winterfell: Before the heart tree in the Godswood, Reek gives Ramsay’s “Stark” bride away during the wedding ceremony, which is officiated by Roose Bolton and attended by many Northern Lords. Later, during the bedding, Ramsay rapes his new wife and forces Reek to watch.
    • Chapter 38, The Watcher: Cersei’s Kingsguard arrives in Doran’s court.
    • Chapter 40, Tyrion IX: On their way to Meereen, Tyrion and Jorah are spotted by slavers.
    • Chapter 47, Tyrion X: Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slavers, to be sold in Meereen and perform in its fighting pits, which they learn Queen Daenerys has reopened. Tyrion convinces their captors of his and Jorah's usefulness.
    • Chapter 64, The Ugly Little Girl: The Faceless Man tells Arya she must don a new face and identity, and so he leads her down to the Hall of Faces, a hidden room where the walls are covered with the faces of those who die at the temple.
  • The sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, remains unpublished, so there are some events brought forward from it that may occur in the story, yet the specific chapters are unknown. This may include Sansa's wedding and her return to Winterfell, both of which are also part of Littlefinger's plan in the books but have not happened yet.