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第6季, 第5集
上映日期 2016/05/22
编剧 David Benioff
D.B. Weiss
导演 Jack Bender






  • The episode is adapted from the following chapters of A Feast for Crows:
    • Chapter 10, Sansa I: Sansa learns that her great-uncle is under siege at Riverrun.
    • Chapter 19, The Drowned Man: The Kingsmoot takes place under Aeron Greyjoy's guidance. Asha claims the Crown of Salt and Rock and obtains support. Euron interrupts the kingsmoot and lays his own claim to the throne, suggesting a plan to bind dragons to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. He wins the acclaim of most of the ironborn present and then crowned King of the Iron Islands.
    • Chapter 29, The Reaver: Euron reveals his plan to marry Daenerys.
  • 本集与群鸦的盛宴中的以下一些章节中的情节对应:
  • The episode is adapted from the following chapter of The Winds of Winter:
    • Mercy: Arya and other actors and actresses prepare to stage a play called "The Bloody Hand".
  • 本集与凛冬的寒风中的以下一些章节中的情节对应:
  • The remaining material appears to be based on what will come in the sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, particularly the storyline of Bran Stark.
  • 其余剩下的情节,尤其是布兰·史塔克线,基于即将发行的第六卷:凛冬的寒风中的故事情节。



Sansa Stark receives a message bearing the sigil of House Baelish, asking her to a meeting in Mole's Town. Accompanied by Brienne, Sansa, angry, meets Petyr Baelish asking if he was aware what Ramsay Bolton was capable of. Baelish deflects, saying he has the knights of The Vale waiting at Moat Cailin to aid Sansa. She is mistrustful of him when he claims he had no idea of Ramsay's abusive treatment of her. She doubts Baelish's ability to protect her or even himself, threatening to have Brienne kill him. He says he'll do whatever she asks and Sansa tells him to leave and never come back for her. He obeys, but not before informing that her great-uncle Brynden Tully has recaptured Riverrun and recommending she seeks him out and the remaining loyal Tully forces. Sansa says she already has an army, her brother Jon Snow's army of wildlings. "Half-brother", Baelish corrects her as he walks away.

At Castle Black a war council is called, and is attended by Sansa, Brienne, Jon, Davos, Melisandre, Tormund and Eddison Tollett. They discuss the need for more men, and Davos mentions House Manderly. Sansa lies to Jon about where she got the information concerning Brynden, and sends Brienne south to secure her the troops.




Daenerys is unsure of what to do with Jorah, having banished him twice, with him returning twice, and saving her life twice. Jorah finally confesses his love for Daenerys, but also reveals his spreading greyscale infection, and says that this time, he needs to leave for good. He starts to leave and states his plan to take his own life when the greyscale envelops him, but Daenerys tearfully commands him to find a cure and come back to her side when she conquers Westeros. Jorah then departs while Daenerys and Daario Naharis lead the Dothraki horde back to Meereen.

龙母丹妮莉丝不知道应该拿大熊乔拉·莫尔蒙怎么办,她放逐了乔拉两次,而乔拉两次都回来了,并且救了她的命,两次。最后乔拉对丹妮莉丝表白,同时坦言自己的灰鳞病已经开始扩散,这次将永远离开,他决定当灰鳞病发作的时候自我了断,但是丹妮莉丝命令他去寻找治愈的方法,等她有朝一日征服维斯特洛大陆的时候,回来效忠于她。乔拉离开同时丹妮莉丝和达里奥·纳哈里斯(Daario Naharis)带领多斯拉克人返回弥林


The Waif continues to drill Arya, mocking her high-born origins. Jaqen H’ghar explains that the Faceless Men were slaves in Valyria before establishing the Free City of Braavos and the House of Black & White. Handing Arya a vial, Jaqen tells her an actress, Lady Crane, will be the next to receive the Many-Faced God’s “gift.” 

Arya enjoys the spectacle of the actors re-enacting the War of the Five Kings, playing Baratheons and Lannisters, but her pleasure ceases when her father, and his execution, are inaccurately caricatured. Arya sneaks into the dressing room to observe her target – the actress playing Cersei – who appears to be a clever, decent woman. Arya later shares with Jaqen her plan to poison Lady Crane’s rum, which no one else in the troupe drinks. Arya suspects that a jealous younger actress, Bianca, has commissioned the kill. Jaqen cuts her off, reminding her a servant does not question.




While the rulers of Meereen enjoy a tenuous peace, Tyrion reminds them of the need to convince the Meereenese that everything has been done with Daenerys's blessing, as the Masters could use Tyrion and Varys's foreign status against them to reclaim Slaver's Bay. To that end, Tyrion invites Kinvara, High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, to negotiate spreading the word of Daenerys's accomplishments. To Tyrion's surprise, Kinvara appears to be highly accommodating in supporting Tyrion's goals, as she firmly believes that Daenerys is The Prince That Was Promised. Varys is more skeptical, being suspicious of any practitioners of magic, and points out that Melisandre had already declared Stannis Baratheon to be the Prince, only for him to be defeated twice. Kinvara says that while the Lord of Light has a plan, the humans following him do occasionally make errors. She then unnerves Varys by revealing that she knows Varys was emasculated by a "second-rate sorcerer" and offers to repeat the words he heard in the flames, and identify who it was that spoke. Kinvara then assures Tyrion that she will send the preachers and priests best suited to the task at hand.



As the Kingsmoot is held, Yara Greyjoy is the first to lay claim to the Salt Throne. Yara argues that raiding the mainland is not enough to and that they need to use military force to teach the mainlanders a lesson. An Ironborn man challenges Yara's candidacy on the grounds that she is a woman and points out that her brother Theon Greyjoy has returned. Theon endorses his older sister and urges the gathering to do the same; stressing that she is a warrior, a reaver, and an Ironborn. Many shout for Yara to be their Queen.

Before they can crown Yara, Euron Greyjoy joins the gathering to lay claim to the Salt Throne. He openly mocks Theon for his military failures and emasculation before deriding Yara as a woman. Yara in turn accuses Euron of killing their King and her father Balon. To her surprise, Euron admits killing Balon but then defends his actions on the grounds that Balon was leading them to defeat in the North. When Euron states that his only regret is not killing Balon years earlier, he is met by resounding cheers from the crowd. Theon then counters that Euron had spent years gallivanting overseas while Yara was commanding Ironborn ships and men. Yara then suggests building a massive fleet to attack and make their mark on Westeros.

In response, Euron announces that he also supports expanding the Ironborn fleet. Revealing a trick up his sleeve, he then proposes to marry Daenerys Targaryen and then carry her army and dragons back to Westeros. The Ironborn support Euron's plan and declare him king. The Drowned Men priest Aeron Greyjoy then leads Euron down to the sea to be baptized. During the drowning ceremony, however, Yara, Theon, and many of their loyalists flee the Iron Islands, taking the best of the Iron Fleet with them. During the baptism, Euron falls unconscious but is revived on the shore. Shortly later, he is crowned with the driftwood crown by his brother Aeron. After learning that his niece and nephew have fled with the best Ironborn ships, Euron calls on his followers to build their own ships so that he may pursue the pair and kill them.





The three-eye raven shows Bran a vision of a heart tree amid spirals of standing stones in lush green valley. He espies Leaf and other Children of the Forest talking amongst themselves, then looking eagerly at a captive bound to the tree. Leaf approaches and forces a Dragonglass dagger into the captive's chest. The captive screams, but does not die; rather, his eyes turn a depthless, icy blue.

Waking with a start, Bran immediately confronts Leaf: the Children created the White Walkers in the first place. Leaf tries to explain that they were at war with the First Men and were desperate. Later, Bran is the only one in the cave awake and is anxious to warg back into the Weirwood tree. After being unable to wake up the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran wargs into the tree by himself and sees the army of the dead. He slowly walks through the army and when he gets to the end, he sees four White Walkers, including the Night's King. The Night's King is able to see him and turns the army around to face him. Bran turns around to find the Night's King right behind him and the Night's King grabs his arm, which causes Bran to exit the vision. The Three-Eyed Raven tells Bran that since the Night's King touched him he now knows where they are and is able to enter the cave since Bran now has his mark. The Three-Eyed Raven tells Bran, Meera and Hodor that they must leave now, and that even though Bran is not ready, it is time for Bran to take his place. The Three-Eyed Raven then sends them both into a vision, which shortly after the army of the dead arrive, appears outside of the cave. The Night's King destroys the magic that guarded the cave against the army and starts marching towards the cave. The Children of the Forest light a fire around the entrance to prevent the wights from entering, but they end up climbing on top of the Weirwood and dropping through the top of the cave. Meera desperately tries to get Bran out of the vision and attempts to get the frightened Hodor to carry Bran away to no avail. Meera kills the first White Walker that enters, as she fights alongside the Children of the Forest to try to fend off the wights until Bran wakes up. Wights begin to swarm the cave, killing all of the Children of the Forest except for Leaf, as Meera starts yelling at Bran to warg into Hodor. In the vision, Bran is at Winterfell watching Ned Stark say goodbye to his father, Rickard Stark, before being sent to the Vale as a ward. While still in the vision, Bran hears Meera's cries to warg into Hodor and the Three-Eyed Raven tells him to listen to her. Bran wargs into both the Hodor in the cave (present day) AND the Hodor in his vision (past).

The Hodor in the cave picks up Bran's body and starts running towards the exit at the back of the cave with Leaf and Meera, as Bran's direwolf Summer is killed attempting to buy them some time. As the wights are closing in on them, Leaf sacrifices herself, using magic to cause a huge explosion, buying the other three a significant amount of time. The Night's King enters the room of the cave that the Three-Eyed Raven is in and starts approaching his body, which is still warged into the Weirwood.




年轻的阿多布兰·史塔克的梦境中正在准备去捕猎,这时三眼乌鸦告诉布兰他需要马上离开梦境。在夜王杀死三眼乌鸦之后,布兰的梦境逐渐变的模糊起来。异鬼军团冲进了山洞,梅拉·黎德、阿多和布兰准备从洞穴后面的门逃离。梅拉将布兰放在雪橇上,并告诉阿多“顶住门(Hold the door)”帮助他们争取更多的时间逃走。在梅拉不停地喊着“顶住门”的时候,布兰的梦境中,年轻的阿多突然倒下,眼睛翻白,也开始说着同样的话,他不停地喊着“顶住门!顶住门!”这也是阿多的名字的来源(Hold the door=Hodor)。正因为未来的命运早已经被注定,年轻时的阿多因为救布兰,而从此只会说他的名字。布兰和梅拉在阿多的保护下逃走了,而阿多也因此被异鬼杀死。